Things You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Vision

baby eye healthYour baby’s health is important overall and this is especially true when it comes to your baby’s vision. “By having your baby’s vision problems checked early, you can prevent them from causing him trouble as he gets older,” says Dr. Mahootchi of The Eye Clinic of Florida. When your baby is first born, his vision level will be 20/400 but as he reaches age five the vision will become closer to 20/20. Babies like to be visually stimulated and this is good for eye health and improved brain development. You can stimulate the baby visually by placing your face in front of him, putting him in front of a mirror, and giving him bright colored toys to play with.

Here is a timeline of how the baby’s vision develops by month. During the first month of his life he’ll be able to look at objects and people as they move back and forth and they are especially attracted to light. By the time the baby reaches three months, he shows sensitivity to light and he becomes increasingly interested in fascinating pictures and other beautiful images. At six months of age the baby starts to love seeing his own body in the mirror and during this time you can buy some picture books for him to look at. By the twelfth month your baby starts to look outdoors often and he can recognize you, your spouse and other relatives.

You may wonder how to determine if your baby’s eye health is not the best. Here are some things you should look out for and they include constant squinting or rubbing of the eyes, lack of eye contact, and reading books in such a way where his eyes are too close to the book. If your baby has one or more of these symptoms on a regular basis you should bring him to the eye doctor. It could possibly lead to vision problems later in life, like cataract surgery in Tampa , which is a common procedure in older adults.

As your baby enters the toddler stage, you want to be careful of how much time he spends in front of the television because this could affect his vision in a negative way. This also applies to the time he spends looking at the sun while he’s outside. There are some stores that sell children’s sunglasses for your toddler to wear so that he will not be at risk for blindness. This is because his vision is still sensitive and developing gradually. Finally, you want to have the baby go on routine checkups a few times each year. When they reach their teenage years, if the problems persist, they can consider Lasik vision correction as a means to fix any existing eye vision problems.