When Your Joints Need a Surgeon

sore knee joint painActive people tend to be healthier, although as they age they can find themselves with knee and shoulder pain from repetitive use. Shoulders can be affected by arthritis, dislocation, tears of joints, separation, and impingement, which is when the tendons or bursa located in the shoulder limit the use of it. Not being able to stay active can be difficult when you’re used to being out there on the court or on the playing field.

But for anyone who has an injury to a joint or the musculoskeletal system, an orthopedic surgeon can help to get them back in perfect health to continue doing what they love. Orthopedic surgeons are also known as knee and shoulder surgeons. Although they can perform surgery on more joints than these, knees and shoulders are common joints that people tend to injure and have problems with.

An orthopedic surgeon in Sarasota will use a procedure known as arthroscopy to determine exactly what is wrong the joint. Arthroscopy is used to see the problem, diagnose it, and treat it. This is one of the best procedures for them to determine the extent of the damage and how to best address it.

It works the same for knee surgeons who use this procedure. The doctor can easily see what is going on while the process is minimally invasive to the patient. If surgery is recommended, arthroscopic surgery is much like arthroscopy in that it’s minimally invasive, allowing for a quicker recovery time than traditional surgery offers.

Although some people try to live or work through the pain of injuries, this is never a good idea. Oftentimes, more damage is done and a longer recovery period is necessary. If any of your joints are bothering you, it’s best to contact an orthopedic surgeon to begin the process of recovery and get you back to doing what you love faster.