Senior Health Advice You May Not Know

senior health coupleSenior adults have special medical needs, and as such often have to abide by a different set of health rules. Often, senior adults have multiple health issues and need to be monitored by health professionals more closely than young adults do.

For example, a young adult with diabetes could be advised to exercise more to lose weight, as losing weight often helps with diabetes. Senior adults often cannot exercise the same way that a young adult could because they have lost bone density and have to be more concerned with stress fractures. Seniors also have a higher risk of heart disease, and must be more concerned with stress on their cardiovascular system. So what can senior adults do?

Exercising in the pool is often a viable alternative for senior adults. Senior adults can attach weights to their ankles and walk against the weight of the water. Swimming is also a low impact cardiovascular exercise. Elliptical machines are a healthy alternative to regular treadmills for senior adults. They offer the same cardiovascular benefits of a treadmill without the drawback of the high impact on the joints.

Walking on the beach is also a healthy option not only for senior adults, but for anyone that enjoys it. The sand provides resistance for the walk, which increases the amount of calories burned. The sand also creates a cushion that absorbs the impact of the foot against the surface, protecting the joints from injury. Senior adults can also monitor their diet to improve their health. Eating a diet that is low in sodium can decrease the risk for heart disease in senior adults.

Eliminating processed foods from any diet is beneficial not only to senior adults, but to any person. Drinking more water is also healthy for any person, not just senior adults. Senior adults can benefit from some general health tips that could apply to people of any age and they can also benefit from health tips directed towards a senior adult audience. The most important health tip, however, is to follow the advice of your physician.