The Best Way to Beat Skin Laxity

Skin laxity is a term that most people aren’t even aware of until their 20s, and by the time they understand what it involves, their own skin is showing signs. Laxity is essentially the more official word for “loose skin,” and it can happen to anyone. However, skin laxity is no longer the permanent change that it once was. Different minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are available to reduce and reverse skin laxity once and for all.

More About Skin Laxity
Skin-Concern-19Skin laxity can occur anywhere on the body, and it tends to be most noticeable when it exists on the face, neck, and chin. Cosmetic centers will typically notice this happening during Tampa chemical peel sessions. There are a number of factors that work together to cause skin laxity; it doesn’t simply happen overnight without reason. First, extrinsic factors like diet choices, stress, lifestyle, exposure to toxins and too much sunlight, and significant weight fluctuations all can place pressure on the fibers that bind the skin together and keep it taute. For example, a smoker who doesn’t drink enough water each day is more likely to suffer skin damage than a non-smoker who is careful to stay hydrated.

While all of those extrinsic factors hurt the collagen and elastin stores that are so important to maintaining tight skin, intrinsic factors that you can’t control, such as your age and genetic code, also may cause your skin to stop producing the elastin and collagen needed to keep skin looking young and healthy. The end result is loose, sagging skin that you wish you could tighten up.

A New Treatment to Beat Skin Laxity
One of the newest and most popular ways to help your skin regain its natural firmness is to use a procedure called ThermiTight and Dermaplaning Tampa. This non-surgical skin tightening treatment uses the application of controlled thermal energy under the skin to reverse the effects of skin laxity. It works similar to tampa fraxel laser treatments. The heat shrinks the skin tissue that it comes in contact with, resulting in a smoother, tighter texture. Everything from puffiness around the eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin can be resolved using ThermiTight.